2019-04-02 22:29:00
Machine League is back! The code has been updated to work with php7.

2011-07-24 21:42:29 is proud to present the Stellar Crisis Open Championship. Explore, colonize, research, and nuke your enemies in the classic web strategy game. The tournaments starts on Saturday, July 30 at Noon. Games update daily. Head on over to and sign up!

2011-06-04 09:36:47
Machine League now features computer controlled teams!

2011-03-12 07:06:12
The league page now features a comment section! Let the trash talking begin!

2011-03-07 20:48:47
Welcome to Machine League! Machine League is an exciting fantasy sports simulation. Games are simulated every night, so be sure to login everyday to see how your team is doing. Don't know where to start? Click 'Join a League'!

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